Web project Severus – personal page

Web Presence as a perfect expression of the business.

This is the message I want to send with the Web Severus project, my personal page . A clean, fast Web, clear message, responsive.

This website is my home on the Internet. In it I test all the tools that I use on my clients’ sites. This site has reached the highest score in GtMetrix: PageScore 97% and 86% YSlow Score. The only site built by me that has reached a Performance Rating of 100% (Performance grade) in Pingdom

The Severus Web Project is built with the WordPress content management system from the creation of a fully customized template using PHP and CSS.

  • Proyecto Web Severus. Puntuación GTMetrix: 97%
  • Proyecto Web Severus. Puntuación Pingdom: 100%

Sikorski property valuation Web Project in other languages

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