Sikorski property valuation Web Project

Sikorski property valuation Web Project: real estate experts in Berlin and Brandenburg.

The Sikorski expert office, specializing in real estate appraisal in Berlin and Brandenburg, Germany, entrusted me with building a new website for them. They desired to have a modern, fast and easy to maintain page. Those expectations are easy to achieve with WordPress.

My work included the conception of the template, selection of colors, fonts and elements of the user interface and after the acceptance of the prototype by the client, the implementation in WordPress.

An exact week after the first meeting, the website of the Sikorski expert office was published on the Web.

Since the appearance of the website, I have been working in the field of SEO with Mr. Sikorski to get a better position in the search engines and increase the number of clients.

  • Proyecto Web Severus. Puntuación GTMetrix: 98%
  • Proyecto Web Severus. Puntuación Pingdom: 100%

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