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Design and development
of websites for small enterprises (SMEs)

As a small business owner, you may face the following question: How can I get a high quality, highly personalized website at an affordable price and, ultimately, attract more customers to my business?

The answer: with the help of a freelancer web designer.

Ten years of work experience and hundreds of websites on the Internet, make my work as an autonomous web designer fast and therefore economical. As a rule, about a week after the first meeting with my clients, your website is visible on the Internet.

After completing the project, I always have my work reviewed by an independent internet tool. That way, my clients can be sure that their website complies with the highest current standards on the Internet.

No one knows the details of a business better than the owner. That’s why I recommend all my clients to maintain and edit their website independently, using a content management system (CMS). My services include a short and free introduction to WordPress. Finally, I will continue to monitor and update the site if desired. For support and change requests, I’m always there for you.

Mis services

Web design

Much more than HTML and CSS. My work covers UI and UX design, different CMS, solutions for different browsers and devices

Search engine optimization (SEO)

All Web applications that I develop for my clients are optimized and accessible for search engines

Maintenance and support

Once the website is published, my commitment with my clients is to give support so that their solutions are successful and sustainable


Professionally, I do nothing but create websites for small businesses. I listen to the needs of my clients, I try to fulfill their expectations. I make sure that my projects comply with the highest standards of speed and ease of use and help develop your business.

Here is a selection of my recent projects.

  • My name is Rafael Muñoz Ramírez and I live in Berlin, Germany. I work full time in a software development company and at the same time an independent designer of websites.

    It was a long road that took me to web design. I completed my studies as an architect in Cuba at the end of the 1980s.

    I started making small changes to my own blog, adding colors or linking add-ons, with simple knowledge of HTML and CSS.

    In Germany I had the opportunity to work in world-famous companies such as eBay and 1&1. In them I became an expert in WordPress and I was able to develop in PHP and Laravel. In 2017 I made my second professional qualification as a specialist in the development of computer applications.

    Today, I have clients – small companies – throughout Germany. My spectrum of services includes the implementation of individualized design ideas for websites for small enterprises (SMEs).

  • Conocimientos



    CSS3 / SASS








  • Formación académica

    1984-1989Architecture – Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echeverría. Universität Havanna
    1989-1993Alliance Française de La Havanne. Havanna.
    2003German language. Hartnackschule, Berlin.
    2005-2010Various courses and trainings in electronic commerce in eBay.
    2010Website development and online shops bei Arthur Speer Akademie. Berlin, Deutschland.
    2015 – 2017Developer of computer applications.

Rafael Muñoz Ramirez - Websites for small businesses


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